OH No at ONO on Tuesdays is a great Tuesday experience for those looking for a great Hip Hop and R&B  experience to begin the week off with a bang. Known for large party crowds on a work night and some fun in downtown orlando your the 18+ crowd. Drinks are great and the ONO staff is gorgeous. A place that you must go and see if your enjoy an urban crowd.

Music: Urban, Hip Hop, uptempo R&B

Hosts: Viva La Koi, John Kocky, Tony Khuu

Subete Tuesdays at Tier Nightclub are known for great drink specials and free drinks for ladies until Midnight. A great way for you and your friends to experience a great night on the town in one of the largest and best decorated clubs in downtown Orlando. Hospitality industry is FREE ALL NIGHT!

Music: Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Electro

Hosts: Wolfpack and Bori-Mex ENT

Location: Tier Nightclub

Taco Tuesdays is a place with great food and drink specials with a combination of Karaoke, dj mixes and live music. Taco Tuesdays is known for it’s $2 everything specials on Caronas and tacos especially. You will find a diverse group of pretty people and people of all backgrounds tend to enjoy the event.

Music: Diverse, Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Electro

Hosts: Wall Street, Cantina

Location: Wall Street Downtown Orlando